7 great reasons to choose fiberglass silos LODA srl

1 the white part of the cone is in the silo silo LODA, then drop-down facilitation.

2 conical part Length: 140 cm Competition/200 cm, LODA the longer than involves having more then a better gradient descent.
However, concurrency on silos, the central part of the empty well not silos.

3 The transparent part of the silos LODA is painted with gelcoat waxed (for long life) while in competition the silos transparent part is painted only with resin.

4 Bottom Ø 50 cm/LODA competition largest Fund: the Fund for housing remains largest material inside.
5 Having the cone with the body attacked 4/5 loading silos in less on a truck.

6 different resin Thickness: thinner in silos.
Sometimes, even after a year, the indentations are visible on fiberglass due to its thickness.

7 Warranty of 10 years LODA. Competition?