Silos decorated (Download pdf version)

Silos decorated

Silos decorated

Fiberglass that becomes art. ..

The slogan "the art of the fiberglass" fully reflects the philosophy of LODA, which produces fiberglass articles of various kinds.
Fiberglass is composed of fiberglass and resin, sprayed from a special equipment, which fragments the glass fibre in extremely fine pieces and combines with the liquid resin.

This product is extremely versatile and malleable due to moulds produced internally by Loda srl, that leaning to this significant added value can develop products of various types, shapes and sizes.

Every time is a challenge, the art of fibreglass can go really far.

Numerous and diverse artefacts made by Loda srl: si parte dai pit silos for animals and their weaning until reaching the dog car carriers for transporting dogs, from the Lakes to the gardens to real fiberglass sculptures for parks.

All this meant the Italian market also especially to the European one.